Dog License

Dog Licenses

If you have a dog, you must obtain a dog license from your Local Treasurer and bring proof of vaccinationKennel licenses must be obtained from your County Treasurer, along with proof of vaccination.  Kennel licenses are $35 for up to 12 dogs and $3 for each additional.

All dogs over 5 months are required to be licensed at a fee of $5.00 for neutered male and spayed female dogs and $10.00 for unneutered male/unspayed female dogs.  This is according to Jackson County Ordinance Chapter 12.

The owner must present evidence that all dogs over 5 months of age are currently immunized against rabies before a license will be issued.

Any person who keeps more than one dog may apply for a multiple dog license. The license fee is $35.00 for up to 12 or fewer dogs and an additional $3.00 for each dog in excess of 12 The multiple dog licenses are issued in the County Treasurer’s office.

Charge for NSF checks is $30 per occurrence.